Trends Workshop Pt 2

I wanted to share my last two projects from Design Garden's 2015 Trends Workshop. I knew week 3 was going to be the tough one. Last year I really struggled with wreaths, so this year I really wanted to kick it up a notch. I am quite pleased with the result. 

My third assignment focused on Studied Fern and Woodland Fables. The Woodland Fables trend was my favorite from the start of the class! 

And the final week I wanted to create a set for boys since most of my work is kind of girly. I focused on the Adventure with a little Friendly Tiger trend. 

Overall, I came out of this workshop with a handful of new pieces for my portfolio and now I am super inspired to incorporate some of the trends into my current work. What inspired me most about this class was my classmates - everyone was sharing such amazing work that it pushed me to make mine that much better. Each week's lesson was very informative and the video meetings were a hoot. I loved seeing everyones faces! 

Here is a link to the classes over at Design Garden! 

Trends Workshop

Just finishing up week 2 at Design Garden's 2015 Trends Workshop and I have to say - everyone's work has been so amazing! I was so excited for this class to start, it was just what I needed to get me in the mood to create some new work. The trend report this year is very inspiring and has a ton of fun trends to work with. 

My first weeks assignment was based off of the Outer Space and Relaxed Geometry trend.  I'm pretty excited about this set. I love the colors I ended up using and who would have thought I'd love drawing astronauts so much!?

and I made these fun borders too! 

This past week was all about pattern making, which I love! I went with combining the children's Sunshine trend and Flower Pop. After this past weekends 19 inches of snow, I was really craving spring. Sundresses, flowers, warm sunny days....

Feeling pretty inspired and happy this week! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!