Winter Trends Workshop

Winter Trends

On December 2nd we open the doors to our Winter Trends mini workshop. Sabina and I felt there is a need for illustrators and designers to create more work for the holiday market, so we put together this two week workshop with Trends for the 2017/18 year. The winter holiday market holds incredible opportunities to license and sell graphics for greeting cards, wrapping paper, gifts, and clothing. 

We packed two full weeks of inspiration, interviews and exciting materials. Check out the class sign up page for more information! We are looking forward to this one!

A little folksy


Once a month over on The Ink Nest blog, I contribute a post about trends. When Sabina asked if I would be interested, I have to tell you - I never paid attention to trends. After spending many hours researching 2014 trends and sourcing for images, I feel like I'm slowly becoming quite the expert. I think it's important as an illustrator to be aware of what is trending now and what is going to be trending in the future, but it is equally as important to follow what interests you. Myself, I believe elephants and the color turquoise will always be one of my favorites! 

Anyways, stop over and see my post this month on the "folk" trend. I'm very proud of it and a bunch of us Ink Nest artists created some new sets for the shop. 

My new set is available in my etsy shop Little Happy Drawings and over on The Ink Nest

Hello 2014!

I love the start of a new year! This one has proven to be quite the challenge so far. With a giant book deadline looming right over me, the flu decided to kick my butt and then my daughters. If things couldn't have gotten worse, it then decides to become pneumonia. I do have so many goals and challenges for myself this year, so instead of typing them all for you to see a boring list - I'm just going to let you know that they do exist, you are just not going to see them. 

One of my daily Hazel & I collaborative pieces...

Instead, I will just have to prove myself by posting here on the blog. By the way, have you seen my new website? I recently switched back to using Squarespace for a million reasons, but the number one is because it's just so easy to update my portfolio section. So, hopefully you've found me and you can add my new blog to your feedly! 

Design Garden Classes

I am excited to take Design Garden's Trends class coming up at the end of the month. I have a full review of The Foundations course coming up soon, but in the meantime, check out their new website and take a look at the classes they offer!