playground drawings


my daughter and i spend a ton of time at the playground - like a lot of time! and yes sometimes you'll find me squeezing in a minute or two to draw in my sketchbook. today, this adorable girl was pushing her little sister on the swings and i thought her outfit was just too cute. i didn't catch her name, but i'm thinking mia would suit her. 

30 Days

last week my friend tammie had mentioned that we should try to do a 30 day challenge. in an effort to create more work, blog more and challenge myself for 30 days, i decided that i am going to create 30 black & white sketches - which is something that i am seriously lacking in my portfolio. funny thing is, i'm already starting to come up with ideas for next months challenge. 

have you challenged yourself on anything for 30 days lately? 

Hello Friday!

Two chalk drawings in a row. Maybe you can't tell, but we are on quite the chalk kick over here. I have been doodling kids drawing with chalk all week for some reason. It might be because we haven't been able to go outside for the past 5 rainy days! 

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May 30th could not come soon enough || If I Wrote a Book About You

A sneak peek || Yoga Book

What are you up to this weekend?