Make Art That Sells Part B – Week 1 – Paper

It's that time again! Make Art That Sells (Part B) is back and I just finished week 1! The first module was all about the paper industry and paper has been a huge part of my business. I started out creating custom wedding invitations, which was fun but I got burnt out pretty quickly. I moved onto creating cards for my Etsy shop and then discovered a site called Paper Culture. I fell in love with their cards and what the company stood for (a very eco-friendly one) and sent them an inquiry to see if they would take me on to design a few cards. I ended up working with Paper Culture on a couple card designs, had Hazel and fell off the bandwagon. Which brings me to this week! I have been happy to revisit the paper market and excited about all the possibilities within it. I love that I'm not just limited to greeting cards, but notepads, cupcake wrappers, paper cups, wrapping paper and my favorite journals! Who doesn't love a cute journal? I know I have a dozen on my bookshelf that are just too good to write in! Our assignment for Paper was to create 2 vertical holiday themed greeting cards using either ornaments or holiday candy. CANDY! I [tbicon icon='icon-heart-1' size='12px' class='red '] candy! Below are my first quick sketches of candy and my holiday cards coming into fruition.


I have to share the little elf I sketched.


And my final greeting cards.


I had a hard time deciding which one to submit for the final. My classmates over on the facebook group were pretty split down the middle as well. I love the candy girl, but picked the christmas tree one because in the end, it just felt more holiday. Which one would have you picked?

Print & Pattern Kids

photo (3)  

I am mad at myself for never submitting to Print & Pattern Kids when I had the chance. I have not stopped flipping through the pages since this arrived in the mail. So many good artists and illustrations! It sparked a little idea in my head while scanning the pages. I have been meaning to reopen my Niseemade etsy shop for about a year and a half now, luckily I have a few ideas up my sleeves or at least in my sketchbook. Dusting off my printer that has just been printing bank statements - yuk - time to put it to good use!

A few of my favorites from the book:

Albert + Marie Audrey Jeanne Claire Louise Milne Creepy Tree Ketchup on Everything Rosalind Maroney <--- so cute! and Vanja Kraguli

There are more, but you'll just have to check it out yourself!

Curly Lou

curlylouA portrait of my daughter, Hazel Lou.

At 16 months, she is becoming such a fun and goofy little girl. She is starting to do things that are inspiring me to make some silly drawings.

Things that have caught my eyes this week: •White Picket Fence Katie has some beautiful sketchbooks! •Karli Ingersoll Have you seen Karli's hand lettering? Makes me want to whip out my pencil and start practicing more hand drawn letters. •Been listening to Joy the Baker while I draw. •I keep eating way too many Plentils. It's summer right, thats okay! •Thinking about doing Derby Lite. I secretly wanna be a roller girl.

Global Talent Search!

gtscover_deniseWell, I had about a 100 different ideas for this journal cover and this is what I ended up picking. The assignment for the Global Talent Search was "vintage playground". I wanted to have a cover that was different from everyone else's and pogo stick immediately came to mind! I'm keeping my fingers crossed to make it to the next round, however, I have been seeing a ton of really good pieces out there!

Here are some interior pages that I came up with for fun! insidepages