Make Art That Sells – Week 2 – Home Decor

Class is going by too fast, just as I expected it to. The first week was like dipping my toes in the water, this past week was a huge eye opener for me. Read on if you are interested in my stream of thoughts Some things that I am learning about illustration and myself:

* Seeing other people's sketches and final assignments before I do mine is definitely not good for me. The whole time I kept comparing my work to what everyone else was doing - it really inhibited my exploration and my ideas. * Designing for home decor was something I have never ever thought about as an illustrator. I like it! * I need to keep working on illustrating for home decor, I am not there yet. * I am so set in my ways on my style of illustration. Is this good or bad? I haven't decided yet. * There are so many good illustrators out there. I keep thinking about what is going to set me apart from everyone else. * I can be lazy. I can be very lazy. It might be because I have freelance jobs that I need to do or that I have a 1 year old that occupies all of my time. No more being lazy this week. * I love seeing other illustrators processes. I need to contribute and post more about my process on this blog soon. * I need to work harder on the mini assignments for the class. * I need to have more fun with sketching. * I need to loosen up. * I'm still searching for my JOY. I know it's there.

Week 2's mini assignment on Monday was to draw flower pods. I filled up half my sketchbook with some crazy looking pods and flowers. The final assignment on Wednesday was to come up with 2-4 pieces of art for a ceramic plate collection. Here is what I came up with:


I call it "little pods". I submitted my first plate (the right one) on Saturday - then I kept thinking about how this plate looks soooo boring! It doesn't really stand out from everyone else's. Lilla is never going to pick this one to critque! All Sunday I kept drawing and drawing and I finally thought about what it is that I love to draw. I love creating these little characters - mainly children in their little worlds. I hope I don't come across sounding like a creep, but I love to draw little girls. After figuring out my JOY for this assignment, I change my plate to the final one (the left) minutes before the design was due. I am so happy with it. I hope you like it too (...Lilla!)!