Holiday Advent Recap

I just thought, how lovely it would be to show my full 24 days of the holiday advent I did with my licensing agent; A Fresh Bunch!? I can’t tell you how often I plan on doing these types of challenges and never make it all the way through (don’t even ask me how I managed to do this during the busiest time of the year). But, I did it and I’m quite proud. I really need to challenge myself more often.

A few things I am slowly learning about while doing daily challenges:

  • Stick with a color palette. This not only helps me to work faster, but it also makes the collection look really nice together.

  • Sketch out multiple ideas for the day. Then you can re-use ideas for the next day. I would spend 20 minutes each morning trying to come up with new ideas and now I have a few pages in my sketchbook to use for future projects.

  • Don’t think too hard. This can be my biggest challenge with most of my work. I find that when I think too hard about something, I can really hinder my creative process. If I just go for it and sketch out anything and everything - I come up with my best ideas.

  • Create your challenge at the same time each day. Find the best time that works for you and stick to it each day. I gave myself an hour each morning to create each of my daily drawings.

  • Follow and comment on others who are doing daily challenges. If I follow other people who are doing daily challenges, I feel more motivated to keep going with my challenge.

What daily challenges are you working on? I’d love to follow!