Well, instead of being productive and getting any work done while my daughter naps, I decided to create a few patterns from some of the icons in my scrapbooking assignment. I love me some fun patterns! mercipattern1




I was lucky to be interviewed by the lovely Kate over on her blog - KMericks. Check it out if you would like to read more about mwah!

And so much goodness coming out of Make Are that Sells. Did you see Dotty Wren Studio? A collective with 4 of some of my very favorite artists! Congratulations you guys!

Now really, I have to go get some work done!

Make Art That Sells Part B – Week 2 – Children's Apparel

Zipping right along here! Just finished week 2 of Make Art That Sells part B which was all about the children's apparel market. It just so happened to be the week I was most interested in and unfortunately I was out of town. That's my luck for you! I have no experience in this market and would love to learn more about it. This weeks theme was all about camping. I knew I wanted to come up with a twist on the theme, so after days of sketching out tents, logs, vintage thermoses, and cute cuddly bears, I came up with the idea of little wee woodland fairies "camping" in the woods. I love the idea so much! I got back from my trip with 2 hours to draw, scan, and digitize before having to turn it in!

This is my final piece, I am so happy with what I came up with in the short amount of time. Pretty thrilled!


Black Swan

blackswan1 Even though I have deadlines looming, contests to be nervous about and a rambunctious child to watch... I can very easily block everything out and sit down at my desk and create work just for fun. Too bad it doesn't work that way for my actual paying projects. Those take much more time and patience. Over the weekend someone mentioned on the MATS facebook group Tigerprint's recent contest called for a black and white pattern. While I normally love color, I thought this would be fun challenge.

Above is the pretty swan and floral pattern that I created for the contest. It might not be a winner, but it's always nice to get out of my comfort zone and come up with something fun!