the letter T


i was too excited not to share this over here.  you might already be aware, but if not, the gals over in the happy happy art collective have been taking turns in creating different drawings for each letter in the alphabet. we are getting very close to the end and the further along we get, the more and more i am liking my letters. 

you can see some of my process pictures below. i worked out my idea in my sketchbook ( i always like my sketches better than the final, does that happen to you?) and then i inked in the drawing with a nib pen.

after inking, i scan in the drawings and piece everything together in adobe illustrator. then onto my favorite part - coloring!

and that is how this one came together. i hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Letter H


While sketching ideas out for my Letter H over on the Happy Happy blog, I ended up with a few little drawings that I hated to let go to waste. I thought what better than to make a fun pattern with them?! So many cute things that start with the letter H! 

In other important news, I received a copy of a book I illustrated called We Love Nature! Can't wait to show you some of the 200 illustrations I made for the it! 

I'm off to start getting things ready for my daughter's SECOND birthday party this weekend! Where does the time go?!

Happy People

I gotta tell you, I struggle with handlettering - like no other struggle. Okay, I have my fair share of struggles, but handlettering is my weakness. Luckily, over at the Happy Happy Art Collective our February group project was to create a handlettered illustration with a quote we came up with "Art is for Happy Happy People." You can see my full piece here


Still need to work on my handlettering, but you can see what my fellow mates came up with as well here. Looking forward to our March project - book covers! 

Happy Happy Art Collective

It's official! I am excited to tell you about the little art collective that I am apart of! Just after the holidays, I received an e-mail from my friend and fellow MATS buddy, Tammie, saying she wanted to start an art collective and if I would like to be involved. Of course, I hopped on the bandwagon right away!


What exactly is Happy Happy Art Collective?

We are six creative gals (Denise Holmes, Jill Howarth, Tammie Bennett, Pauline "Muffin" Grayson, Emily Balsley and Lauren Minco) on a mission to make happy art for happy people. We met in Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells e-course in 2013 and decided to join forces to spread our happy art all over the world! 

You can read about each the members on the blog - Tammie, Emily, Muffin, Lauren, Jill and myself


I am so thrilled to be a part of this amazing and talented group! Visit our new website at Happy Happy Art Collective to see group projects, print free downloads, and read our artist bios. We have a handful of projects just waiting to be published - who knows, it might make you happy!