Illustrating for Picture Books Course

A few years back when I started illustrating children's books, I looked all over the place for a class that would teach me the basics. It was close to impossible at the time, but luckily I stumbled across a picture book illustrator named Susan Hartung and I hired her to mentor me through my first picture book process. Her critiques were probably the hardest I have ever had to deal with, but her butt kicking helped to form the book If I Wrote A Book About You to what it is today. Since then, I have illustrated 2 more picture books as well as 2 activity books. I have learned a few things along the way and would love to share my knowledge with you. 

I teamed up with Sabina of Design Garden to put together a 5-week course on Illustrating Picture Books. Each week we will go over a new topic from Character Development, Book Dummies, Finalizing Art Work for Publication, Creating Book Covers to Self-Publishing and Submitting your work to Publishers and Agents.

By the end of the course you will understand what goes into illustrating a picture book and come out with 3 final portfolio pieces. My favorite part about this class is that Sabina and I will be giving feedback on all of the work you turn in. Each Friday during course you will be able to join in on a live video discussion and critique for the week. 

We have lots of fun templates and worksheets as well as extra video interviews you can unlock by turning in your assignments early. I could not be more excited about this and I would love for you to join me! 

Stop by the class website to see our introductory and curriculum video. If you are interested, class starts on October 16th! You can register here: Picture Book Registration

Really looking forward to meeting everyone in the class and talking about my favorite thing ever!! 

sarah + abraham

image from sarah+abraham

image from sarah+abraham

very thrilled to announce that my collection and collaboration with sarah + abraham is live! i designed a handful of customizable kiddos, hair, shirts and patterns to go with each set and i could not be more excited to see it up in the shop! 

i have been a huge fan of sarah + abraham since i first discovered them through Aeolidia. i actually loved their shop so much that i sent them an inquiry back in 2011 to see if they would work with me. however, everyone got busy, i had a baby and thank goodness we waited until recently - - because my work has developed so much since then. 

it also just so happens that sara lives close by, so a few weeks ago we got together to talk business and get to know each other. on top of being a very sweet person, sara really knows her business. it was great to hear about the development of her shop and look over all her products. hazel enjoyed the lunchbox she brought and pretty much wanted to fill it with all the paper she ripped off of her crayons during our meeting. 

image from sarah+abraham

image from sarah+abraham

boy, it's just so great to see my work in a shop i admire so much! please head over to sarah + abraham to see this amazing site and of course check out the niseemade collection!


Letter H


While sketching ideas out for my Letter H over on the Happy Happy blog, I ended up with a few little drawings that I hated to let go to waste. I thought what better than to make a fun pattern with them?! So many cute things that start with the letter H! 

In other important news, I received a copy of a book I illustrated called We Love Nature! Can't wait to show you some of the 200 illustrations I made for the it! 

I'm off to start getting things ready for my daughter's SECOND birthday party this weekend! Where does the time go?!

A little folksy


Once a month over on The Ink Nest blog, I contribute a post about trends. When Sabina asked if I would be interested, I have to tell you - I never paid attention to trends. After spending many hours researching 2014 trends and sourcing for images, I feel like I'm slowly becoming quite the expert. I think it's important as an illustrator to be aware of what is trending now and what is going to be trending in the future, but it is equally as important to follow what interests you. Myself, I believe elephants and the color turquoise will always be one of my favorites! 

Anyways, stop over and see my post this month on the "folk" trend. I'm very proud of it and a bunch of us Ink Nest artists created some new sets for the shop. 

My new set is available in my etsy shop Little Happy Drawings and over on The Ink Nest