First Book Signing

I kept pinching my hand all weekend to make sure this really happened to me!

A few months ago, Dimiter of Simply Read Books asked if I would like to do a book signing at the ALA Event in January. Of course I said yes right away and didn't think about it again until this past Friday when I realized, I would have to actually do a book signing!

I arrived to McCormick Center Saturday morning and got lost trying to find parking. If I get lost in my own city trying to find the parking lot, I cannot image what out of towners went through. I stepped into the space and was instantly intimidated by the size of the event and all the librarians hulling around suitcases full of books. I found Simply Read Books booth and met Dimiter and his lovely wife Gillian. Both so nice and so welcoming, I felt instantly calm and ready to sign away. (Do I admit here that I had practiced signing my name all week?) 

I was busy for over an hour signing copies of If I Wrote A Book About You. I met so many super sweet people who all had such nice things to say about the book. I feel so lucky and so grateful for this opportunity. Never in a million years would I have imagined I get to illustrate children's books, let alone attend a book signing. 

Thank you to Dimiter for this amazing opportunity! 

After the signing I walked up and down the aisles and got to see some pretty amazing books - and some not even out yet! Julie Morstad without a doubt the most amazing children's book illustrator in my eyes. I got to hold Sara O'Leary's This Is Sadie in my hands! I saw a sneak peek of Phoebe Wahl's book. No Such Thing was witty and cute over at Flying Eye Books. And I finally flipped through Josephine at Chronicle books - Christian Robinson's work is everything and more. 

I love being a small tiny part of this world!