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i kept seeing all my favorite illustrators writing the sweetest posts about each other over the past few weeks, and i have to be honest. i was feeling pretty left out. i thought for sure there must be some secret illustration society that i am not a part of. please let me in! well, of course it's not that at all and i was asked by my ever so talented friend and happy happy comrade Jill Howarth of Shamelessly Cute, who just so happened to write the kindest words about my work. 

Jill can whip up the cutest most sweetest and amazing drawings that I have ever seen. her characters are pure loveliness and I adore her mid-century style. her hand lettering is top notch and her ability to use color is beyond words. Jill is clever, funny and very talented. you can see more of her work here

jill's amazing work

can't get enough of these characters!

jill passed on a few questions to ask. feel free to skip down to my artist selections.

1. what are you working on?  i just got a manuscript that i am using to create a children's book illustration on-line class with sabina of design garden. i am going to go into detail how i research, create characters, sequence, and develop a children's book from start to finish. included will be information on how to independently publish the final book. really looking forward to this one!

an illustration used for promotion

2. how does your work differ from other artists in your genre?  i create illustrations that i love. although it is just how i draw, i really pride myself on having my own unique style with an added bit of whimsy and happiness. i really really love what i do!

3. why do you create? this is quite a funny question to ask a creative person, wouldn't you agree? i think we live and breathe for creativity. it's just second nature to an artistic person. i love to draw, sew, knit, cook, write, and dance. that's just who i am! :)

4. how does your creative process work? i spend half my time researching images either on the computer, out in real life (playground, neighborhood, coffee shops) or looking through my book collection. after researching, i draw all my ideas out in my sketchbooks and once i have it, i'll plop it on my lightbox and ink away. all my of my work gets finalized in illustrator. my process usually involves, coffee, watching my daughter play, taking walks, listening to music and more coffee. i don't really get started working until late at night after everyone is asleep. 

two artists that greatly inspire me and i am so happy to call them my friends are nicky ovitt and sabina radeva.


i met Nicky through the freelance artists support group a little over a year ago - and we became friends instantly. before freelancing, Nicky worked as an art director and designer in the apparel market for over a decade. and you can really see her professional side shine through in her current work. she has a unique, organic and charming style that works so well on fabric, greeting cards and apparel. what i find so wonderful about Nicky is that she is deeply involved in her community of Petaluma and gets to work on some pretty amazing projects locally (something i have a hard time finding in chicago). 

some of my nicky favorites

when i first started talking with Nicky, we connected on some pretty cool things. my favorite is that we are only children and we both have only one child. i love this pattern that was created by Nicky and her daughter, Ramona - who drew the horses. (i have to do this with my daughter's drawings one day!) i love it!

ramona's horses

i'm very excited for her Homestead collection that is coming out this fall with Clothworks. you better believe i signed up for a quilting class this year just so i can make some gifts with nicky's fabric. nicky is currently working on her second line with Clothworks.

my words can't do Nicky's portfolio justice, please visit her website to see more of her wonderful work at


amazing portraits of sabina

one day a person named Sabina left a nice comment on my blog. i went over to her website and knew i had to be friends with her immediately. Sabina's work is in a category of all her own - she is a designer and illustrator who draws and sells the sweetest art over on the ink nest, creates amazing logos and websites at design garden and teaches the best e-classes i have taken. she is one of the kindest and smartest ladies i know. 

some of my sabina favorites

some of my sabina favorites

Sabina's work is feminine, delicate and sweet without being overly cute. i love how she uses hand drawn illustrations and turns them into digital pieces without ever loosing their handmade quality.

check out her sketches! 

not only is Sabina very talented, but she is also very helpful. i must pester her weekly with a ton of questions and she always kindly helps me right away. thank you Sabina :)

you can find more about Sabina over at 

hope you enjoyed this post. i am very excited to be a part of this and happy to share with you some of my favorite artists. you can read more blog hop posts here - emily , tammie, and muffin