Make Art That Sells Part B – Week 4 – Editorial

Week 4 ended and I got sad knowing next week is the very last of Make Art That Sells....ever! It is bittersweet, but I will leave my thoughts for next weeks post. Editorial work is something I have a small bit of experience in. Lilla says Editorial work is about creating art for editorial and books. I always thought of illustrating for books as its own market, but now I get that editorial work is a form of storytelling and well that goes perfectly along with books. Our assignment this week was to create a map of the city we live in. I instantly thought about Chicago and all the great little coffee roasters popping up around town.

denise_holmes_chicago_1b_week4 mats_map2

Coffee is pretty much a necessity with me. I do get that slight headache if I don't have my morning cup right away, yes that is addiction, my friends. I started drinking coffee at my grandmother's house when I was way too young. Granted it was probably a full cup of half and half, sugar and a drop of coffee. But it was delicious and I have been hooked ever since. You know that is probably why I am so short! Needless to say it is no surprise coffee was on my mind as I created this map. Because of the coverage of Chicago and the size of the page we were given, I decided to leave off the streets. I like the idea of this map being more of a story than a maps intended use. Plus everyone has a smart phone now - when you come to visit and seek out one of these roasters, you can just google map it.

It was a fun week with a fun assignment, now I must go and make a cup!