Make Art That Sells Part B – Week 3 – Scrapbooking

The 3rd week zipped by of course! I think a lot of my classmates were thinking the same thing about this weeks theme. Scrapbooking?! Let's just say, it was never a market I thought I would be interested in. Of course, Lilla was able to change my mind and I opened myself up into the world of creating illustrations for the scrapbooking market. There is actually a lot of fun little pockets in the market where I see great work being made. Have you heard of Amy Tangerine? Her scrapbooking designs are pretty cute!

It took me a couple days to actually dig in and start to enjoy the assignment. This week was all about vintage cameras and typewriters and the idea of "recording your life." My theme finally clicked Saturday morning...24 hours before our assignment was due. I was attracted to the idea of a cute cat recording her time in Paris. She writes letters to her mother and father, takes pictures, and eats macaroons. Now, I don't think I would mind being this cat for a week or so!


Fun right?! I also had the opportunity to work with my illustrations in a new way. I am currently in Design Garden's Create Hand Drawn Vector class with Sabina and this past Friday's lecture was all about, a new way to me, of creating vectors in Illustrator. Before learning Sabina's technique of scanning and working in Illustrator, I had a 20 step process of scanning the images, opening in Photoshop, saving each individual image as a bitmap and then opening them in Illustrator. Let's just say it used to take me a very very long time to do my work. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to learn Sabina's way!!!