Make Art That Sells Part B – Week 1 – Paper

It's that time again! Make Art That Sells (Part B) is back and I just finished week 1! The first module was all about the paper industry and paper has been a huge part of my business. I started out creating custom wedding invitations, which was fun but I got burnt out pretty quickly. I moved onto creating cards for my Etsy shop and then discovered a site called Paper Culture. I fell in love with their cards and what the company stood for (a very eco-friendly one) and sent them an inquiry to see if they would take me on to design a few cards. I ended up working with Paper Culture on a couple card designs, had Hazel and fell off the bandwagon. Which brings me to this week! I have been happy to revisit the paper market and excited about all the possibilities within it. I love that I'm not just limited to greeting cards, but notepads, cupcake wrappers, paper cups, wrapping paper and my favorite journals! Who doesn't love a cute journal? I know I have a dozen on my bookshelf that are just too good to write in! Our assignment for Paper was to create 2 vertical holiday themed greeting cards using either ornaments or holiday candy. CANDY! I [tbicon icon='icon-heart-1' size='12px' class='red '] candy! Below are my first quick sketches of candy and my holiday cards coming into fruition.


I have to share the little elf I sketched.


And my final greeting cards.


I had a hard time deciding which one to submit for the final. My classmates over on the facebook group were pretty split down the middle as well. I love the candy girl, but picked the christmas tree one because in the end, it just felt more holiday. Which one would have you picked?