Blog Parade!

eleparade Hello and welcome to the little blog parade of a few Make Art That Sells graduates! You might have arrived here from Linda's blog (the lady behind the parade) or maybe you already follow me and this is nothing new. Regardless, thanks for stopping by. I thought it would be fun to share a list of things with you today about myself. I don't share too much, so I thought this would be a lovely opportunity if there are some newbies stopping by for the first time!

* I went to school for photography and can't really take a good picture for the life of me. * I started doodling at a desk job I got out of college and couldn't stop, so I quit and started freelancing. * My favorite illustrator is Edward Gorey. Cliche...maybe, but he has such a facisnating life. I just love his dark humor and his detailed drawings. This is a good book about him. * I don't start drawing until 8 pm after my daughter goes to bed. It's sorta like I have two full time jobs! How do you balance your work and family? * I have a cousin named Stacy, who has a really amazing blog. * If I weren't an illustrator I would be doing something with holistic nutrition. (Obsessed with healthy eating.) * I have to read before I fall asleep. I'm not as fast as my mom, but I do read quite a few books a month. * And I won't bore you anymore, but I used to have a pet bird named Barfy. He could even say his own name!

Thanks for putting up with me! Please head over to Barbara's amazing blog and see what she wrote up!