Work/Life 3

worklifeme Oh wee! Wowza! Yep! I am so thrilled to be in the 3rd edition of Uppercase's Work/Life Illustration Directory. I purchased both 1 and 2 when they first came out and vowed that I would get my portfolio together to apply when Uppercase announced the 3rd book was accepting submissions. It really is such a fun little publication to be a part of. I am among amazing and talented artists and a few of them I am happy to call my illustration friends! Go Emily! Go Tammie!

Each artist was given an assignment by Janine and mine was to illustrate how I share my love of books with my daughter. It was a little bit of a tough assignment for me. I wanted so badly to come up with the very best illustration, since it would be viewed by potential clients! I ended up with the illustration above - that is me trying to be serious and read all my favorite books to Hazel, however she is so young and not quite interested in them yet. Most of the time she ends up playing with the books, chewing on the edges or tearing the pages. I know that one day Hazel will love them as much as I do, for now I just keep trying to read them and share my love.

You can visit Uppercase's website here. The video about the directory here. And if your so inclined, purchase the book here!

The photograph of Hazel and I was taken by the talented Justina Lee! (Thank you Justina!)