Print & Pattern Kids

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I am mad at myself for never submitting to Print & Pattern Kids when I had the chance. I have not stopped flipping through the pages since this arrived in the mail. So many good artists and illustrations! It sparked a little idea in my head while scanning the pages. I have been meaning to reopen my Niseemade etsy shop for about a year and a half now, luckily I have a few ideas up my sleeves or at least in my sketchbook. Dusting off my printer that has just been printing bank statements - yuk - time to put it to good use!

A few of my favorites from the book:

Albert + Marie Audrey Jeanne Claire Louise Milne Creepy Tree Ketchup on Everything Rosalind Maroney <--- so cute! and Vanja Kraguli

There are more, but you'll just have to check it out yourself!