Make Art That Sells – Week 3 – Children's Book

Children's Books was my favorite week so far. All the information given to us was so helpful! Children's Books is where it's at! Who wouldn't want to be a children's book illustrator? Well maybe there are some people, but it is definitely on the top of my list. Shh, I do have some news up my sleeves, but I can't share for months and months! Last Monday our mini assignment was to draw snails. I did not expect that one, but it is just like Lilla to challenge us in a good way. I spent 3 days trying my best to keep off the Facebook group, so I wouldn't see what other people were sketching. I probably drew 100 happy go lucky looking snails.


Our Wednesday assignment came and we were provided with the fairy tale 'The Snail and the Rose Tree' by Hans Christian Andersen. Not a very happy fairy tale and we were given the task to create either the book cover or a double page spread of any part of the text we wanted. I decided to change my happy snail and work on trying to get out some emotions from him. Emotions are where I need my practice - a summer goal I am making for myself.




After I started to sketch out cover idea thumbnails, I finally peeked over at our Facebook group. It looked like everyone was coming up with the very same ideas. What else do you expect with so many students and all the same story?! I decided to dig deeper and work on creating a double page spread of my favorite line in the story "and how another was kissed by the lips of a child in the glad joys of life." Which was a much happier line in the story and one where I could really draw my joy. sketches5



I am very please with how my final illustration turned out. Tight deadlines really bring out the best pieces for me... I'm not sure why that is?


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