Welcome to my new space! So happy you could join me! I am really excited about my new website that was designed by little ol' me! I have had my portfolio on a million different websites and designed by a few really really great people, but really there is nothing more satisfying that designing it yourself. I was very intimidated by wordpress and thought there is no way I could ever figure it out. But, really I just kept clicking around on all the different buttons and links and voila - I made myself this website. Okay, enough of that already.

I have been imagining this giant tote bag in my head to fill books in and tote up to the library. Hazel and I saddle up in her stroller and enjoy this mile long walk up to our neighborhood library once a week. Her stroller unfortunately does not hold the weight of all the books we end up checking out and when I saw the tote bags on Society6, I figured I would give it a try and design a fun bag for myself. Yep, you will see us walking down the street wearing a bag with my illustration on it. Is that silly?

Anyways, Society6 is offering up some free shipping until Sunday 4/28. Maybe you might be interested in your own library tote? Click here for the free shipping link. (thats free worldwide shipping)

Thanks for coming here! Please leave comments so I know you found me. I also want to know who you are!

xo, Denise